Don't buy cheap meat

Don't buy cheap meat

Let food be thy medicine. And medicine they food. - Socrates, the father of medicine.

Cheap meat comes from cattle and animals fed cheap food in dangerous conditions- usually genetically modified and pesticide laden corn, grain, and/or soy.

And cheap meat doesn’t event taste good, but comes from a reliable system where yields can be predicted on a spreadsheet.

Some of these farmers have piled on debt just trying to keep up. The race to the bottom isn’t a winning formula for anyone. It’s been this way for far too long. The low priced supply chain ultimately costs someone: you, and the system.

It’s cost you, the eater, when you also consume these GMO corn, antibiotics, and pesticides. It costs the system because after decades of doing this our nation is overweight, diabetic and vulnerable for plenty other lifestyle diseases (many of which are preventable). The system is overtaxed.

On the other hand, expensive meat turns the ratchet in the other direction. The folks for raise the cattle earn a fair wage, particularly those with a direct relationship to the end customer as we do at Superfarm. They feed the animals what they evolved on, on open fields they can continuously graze on.

Opting out of the conventional food system, shortening food miles, and eating more delicious food it entirely up to you. It might be more expensive but this is not apples-to-apples. And far likely to cost much less in the long run.

The race to the top often creates more winners than losers. That’s because instead of seeking maximum financial return at the expense of everyone else, they’re focused on something different.