Long term meal plan

Long term meal plan

Photo: Ashley Byrd


What if food marketers made a product so good that you didn’t have to eat again for hours, or an entire day?

What if they engineered foods that made you feel full, instead of hungrier?

What if they could make a food that gave you tons of energy, providing long term satiety, and was nutrient dense allowing your body and microbiome to optimize itself for health?

They’d go out of business, of course.

Those chips… they are designed to make you want more and eat more. The spike in blood sugar and quick energy followed by a crash has been engineered (not only by the food makers but with a helping hand by nature).

These foods exist, but they weren’t created by large food conglomerates and you don’t see commercials for them during the super bowl.

Nature provides us with these foods. It’s been a symbiotic relationship for millions of years. It’s called evolution.

Whole foods are what we need. Complete proteins, vitamins and minerals in a bioavailable form. It’s the long term meal plan.