Pasture-Raised matters

Animals raised on pastures, in their natural environment, by loving ranchers raising a calve to the finished product- it’s special. The flavors, tastes and aroma you can’t find anyway else. Its fun to cook, BBQ, braise, and share with friends. The centerpiece of an evening sat around a table surrounded by laughter and kindness.

It’s an affordable luxury. The equivalent of a $200 bottle of wine is just a few dollars more per pound in meat.

It’s healthier, too. For you, for the world, and when local, for your community.

The ranchers and farmers raising animals this way go against the grain. They don’t subscribe to more chemicals, guaranteed yields and stick to the government backed system. They’re independent, believing in the themselves and invest in the tried-and-trued methods of over 10,000 years. Maybe more.