Welcome to Superfarm

Welcome to Superfarm

Here we go. This should be fun.

Superfarm has a goal to deliver the best foods directly to your door. “Best” is a suggestive term, taking on different meanings for different people. Let’s define the “best” foods as the one delivering the most bioavailable nutrients while supporting the environment and small, local, family ranchers. These foods are satiating, keeping you full for hours and make you feel your best.

These are the foods we, Homo sapiens and our predecessors, evolved on. These are the foods that fuel us, give us the most bang-for-buck and are literally the fountain of youth we’re always chasing. No gimmicks, no marketing schemes, no fake news, just plain ole nutrient dense foods that our bodies can digest and thrive on.

Food like substances

Unfortunately, when you walk into a grocery store you’re presented with tons of food-like substances. These are highly process, manufactured foods. They come in a box, have a bar code, and are designed to sell. Most of these foods have been through a manufacturing process that’s unlike anything we’ve seen from an evolutionary perspective. Crackers? Sports drinks? Marshmallows? None of these even remotely existed 40,000 years ago, let alone 100 years ago.

Better food = better health

This is not a letter attacking ultra processed foods, but a focus on real, whole foods, providing the nutrients and health required to live a life full of energy and prosperity. We’re focused on the positives, not the negatives.

So much of health, in today’s food environment, is as much about what you do not eat as what you do. We hope you’re here to learn and thrive. If so, please subscribe and get these posts email directly to you.