What is Superfarm

What is Superfarm

Supporting pasture-raised, grass-fed farms & ranches.

Superfarm delivers the healthiest, most nutrient dense foods right to your door. Healthier for you, and healthier for the planet.

The health of humans, and our planet, have arguably never been at a higher risk. As a society, we’ve done plenty to destroy but not enough to move everyone forward.

Healthy, whether we’re talking about an individual, or the environment, starts with proper diet and nutrition. We’re in business- a business that gives back, so you eat healthier and live an energetic life.

Food is Broken

The modern food system, focused on ultra-processed foods is a scam, really. A bag of chips, French fries, soda, heck even energy bars were never consumed beyond our modern history. Ultra processed vegetable seed oils (soybean, high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin) and other foods that come out of a factory conveyer belt were never eaten by our ancestors, we didn’t evolve this way.

And yet, this is most of what we’re fed today- a drive through in the morning, a packed lunched, and “take-out” dinner. These foods are calorie-dense, nutritionally devoid, for the most part.

These ultra processed foods have actually been engineered to be eaten more. Big food companies typically only care about profit, and they make more money the more you eat. They are fat + carbs together in a manner never before found in nature.

The government fuels this by providing substances to farmers that encourage the use of harmful chemical based fertilizers (these create a ton of greenhouse gas emissions) and monocropping- which depletes soil health by removing nutrients and nitrogen without ever replenishing.

Meat production, the environment, and health/diet can all be discerning topics, and we believe there’s a path forward backed by science while remaining insight of our past, our evolution.

Its not your fault

If this is news to you, it’s not your fault for not knowing previously. We have been wronged by catchy marketing, lobbyist who work for big food manufacturers, and package messaging that make you believe the product is healthy. Large food manufacturers evade regulations while consumers (our own species) are reduced to afterthoughts.

A consequence of all this is malnutrition and over eating. We eat more foods to obtain the broad spectrum of nutrients we need to thrive, however this comes with added processed calories leading to an increase in body fat.

Malnutrition and diet-related diseases, such as diabetes and obesity are the underlying health issues for a host of other ailments. The cause is largely from eating too much ultra processed food.

We die of our own too much
— Aldo Leopold

Environmental write Aldo Leopold said we can “die of our own too much.” Too much processed foods, too much availability, too much anytime & anywhere.

The conventional food system is not sustainable.

Truly Flavorful Food

We’ve all seen the beautiful, artisanal dishes from fancy a restaurant or a Netflix series where the food takes up a tiny portion of the plate, and it’s as much art as it is nutrition. The beautiful presentation makes the food taste far better than a homemade meal slapped on your plate. Don’t let this image guide your taste sense.

But, truly delicious food is a recipe far more complex and involved than what you see on TV. Simple meals can taste great, and they needn’t be expertly created. They can warm your heart, satisfy your taste buds, and leave a lasting memory of the experience. 

These foods take into consideration the entirety of the landscape from creation to processing and cooking to consuming. How all these “ingredients” fit together are what matters. It’s not the chef, but the source, that makes food truly delicious. And, naturally, we’re attracted to nutrient rich foods.

These meals are simple, straightforward, accessible to all, and easy to make. Cooking and consuming nutrient rich meals doesn’t need to be a ton of work or stressful.

Great tasting meals and great farming/ranching practices are inseparable.

There is a Better Way

Most of the problems outlined above were born out of convenience. It’s become too easy to eat. As a brief history aside, before 200 years ago it was still actually pretty hard to come by food- there wasn’t a 24/7 grocery store or delivery service readily available.

Today, we can quickly popularize a diet or dish- almost to the point of extinction or drastic impact to the ecology of an environment. But, at the same time, we can use these same methods for good- we can create change, get people to rethink their habits: how they buy food, where their food comes from, what their food does after eating it.

Twenty years ago “organic” was still a niche word, that hardly anyone paid attention to. Now, Walmart is the largest seller of organic produce. We’ve shed light on the food industry and ultra processed foods, but the marketing powers behind these foods still dominate everyday life. We’ve raised money and made changes in our children’s school lunch programs (my kids school grows 40% of the food served in the district) but we’ve still got a long way to go.

We believe there’s a positive path forward that includes foods that fuel you, satiate you while providing the nutrition your body expects. These whole foods provide complete nutrition and in a ratio of macro and micronutrients that lead to optimal health.

Farm-to-table is another step in the right direction- it’s encourage and brought to light the direct relationship with the farm to the restaurant, and eventually the end consumer. This is an extension of an established way of eating based on a recent history of eating. There are a number of wins here but ultimately the farmer ends up services the table, and really it should be the other way around. 

The end consumer should be servicing the farmer and rancher. Take this back to how we’ve evolved as a species, how we ate 40,000 years ago. This includes a nose-to-tail style eating, where all parts of the animal is used: choice cut meats (Prime rib), and organ meats, bone broth and everything in between.

Superfarm Platform

We partner with small, family owned, independent farmers and ranchers to deliver these foods right to your door. We’ve set requirements for these farms to use only the best processes where the health of the farm, animals, and product cannot be beat. This does a few things:

  • Provides you with a convenient, great-tasting food

  • Supports local, small businesses

  • Supports the environment through natural farming & ranching practices

There are many people who prefer the great taste of pasture raise meats, care about the environment, and want to support local. However, sometimes its hard to go out of our way to the farm, or even know where it exist in the first place. We hope to bridge this gap, help you make delicious meals and live a long, healthy, and prosperous life.

Our agenda is simple: deliver the highest quality product we possibly can. No bias, no nonsense, no compromise, no crappy ingredients added (sugars, sweeteners, corn oils). We want to see more locavores, where you can easily access and thrive from foods raised near your home. This is about seasonality and a direct relationship with your farmer/rancher. This is about better tasting food and more nutrients leading to increased health span.


We’re glad you’re here, and this blog will continue to share our work, message, and purpose. Thanks for your support- if you’re excited please share with friends and support your local farmers and ranches.