Lamb Kidney Recipe

Lamb Kidney Recipe

Animal protein is the most bioavailable protein & nutrient dense we consume on a regular basis. The most popular cuts vary in terms of protein-to-fat ratio, often presented as how “lean” the meat is. This is common with ground beef, which is often time 85-90% lean.

Organ meats are far superior than muscle meats in terms of nutritional value- they are loaded with nutrients and can be very flavorful. Dour grandparents generation grew up eating plenty of organ meats but decades ago they fell out of popularity compared to muscle meats. This is a shame, because they are delicious.

To those who aren’t used to eating organ meats regularly the thought of consuming a liver, heart, or tongue can be pretty intimidating. I think this is mostly due to the fact that we’re not used to eating organs and don’t often see them at the grocery store or in a fridge. However, butchers, Farmers Markets and those hunting their own foods know how delicious organs can be. In our ancestor’s time, organ meats were always the first consumed part of an animal and muscle meats were often the leftovers.

Here’s a great way to introduce yourself to organ meat- specifically Kidney. In this recipe I used Lamb kidney, but most kidney is pretty similar and feel free to use a cow kidney or otherwise.

Lamb Kidney Prep

  1. Peel off the gossamer membrane. This is a film-like shrink wrap that covers the kidney. Sometimes, if you buy from a butcher the membrane may already have been peeled off during the butchering process.

  2. Slice the kidneys in half lengthwise and remove the white tissue on the inside. It can be hard to remove this completely so it’s fine to leave some (or all of it) attached. You might need a really sharp knife and don’t want to risk slicing a finger.

  3. This is optional, but those new to offal might want to soak the kidneys in milk for a day before cooking. I used raw milk.

  4. After soaking the kidneys, cut into smaller pieces. You’ll cut again into bite size pieces after searing.


  1. 2-4 kidneys

  2. 1/2 cup almond flour

  3. 1 cup mushrooms, sliced

  4. 8oz bone broth

  5. 2 tablespoons cilantro, chopped

  6. 1 tsp salt

  7. 1 tsp pepper

  8. 2 tsp paprika

  9. 1 tsp cumin

  10. 1.5 tsp mustard powder

  11. 1.5 tablespoon coconut aminos

Cooking Instructions

  1. Heat ghee or butter (or another high heat oil) in a pan. I like to use a cast iron skillet.

  2. Saute mushrooms for 3 min, set aside.

  3. Mix together almond flour and spices in medium bowl. Lightly coat each kidney slice.

  4. Sear each kidney for 2-3 min each side. Remove from pan and cut into smaller pieces.

  5. Pour in bone broth, mushrooms, and return kidneys into pan. This will be soupy, cook kidneys to desire.

  6. Add in the coconut aminos.

  7. Once cooked, remove from heat, let cool a few minutes and pour onto serving plates. Top with cilantro, salt & pepper.