About Us

Superfarm is an online whole foods shop with a mission to financially support local, independent farms and ranches.

Eat the best food

Our one agenda: deliver the highest quality product we can. No bias, no nonsense, no compromise. These are the foods our species evolved on over millions of years.

Share it

A rising tide lifts all ships. We hope to strengthen the fragile ecosystem and margins around ranching and keep local farms an integral part of our culture and communities by sharing a large portion of our profit among small farms and ranches.

Regenerative farming

Regenerative farming practices are carbon negative, meaning it suppresses carbon from the environment, combating climate change. Our food also tastes a heck of a lot better than factory farmed meats.


How we eat can be confusing, and there’s a lot of misinformation via marketing from big food companies. We’re here to change that, speak naturally, and help you out. No marketing fluff, nothing you can’t understand.

Affiliate program

Want to help spread the word about grass-fed & pasture raised meats, healthy lifestyle, and nutrition? We can collaborate on this effort through our affiliate program. Email us if you’re interested in becoming an affiliate partner.

Not bound by convention

Our success—and much of the fun—lies in developing new ways to do things. We’re still in beta, undergoing development, testing, and improvements so stay tuned.